BERLIN 24.08.2022


Meet our head of sales Dr. Felix Leyssner at OFS27 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. He will present recent work utilizing engionic Femto Gratings fs-IR laser written Fiber bragg Gratings (FBGs) in 25µm fiber. This work in a novel fiber type, which is 5 times smaller than a conventional telecommunication fiber, is once again showcasing engionic Femto Gratings leading manufacturing competencies.


Please feel free to drop us a message to arrange a time to meet and discuss how our unique capabilities can boost your next project in fiber optical sensing.


Benefits with the 25µm fiber:

  • worlds first 25µm Fiber with FBGs
  • extremely thin fiber, so it can be used directly in the structure to be monitored
  • very high sensitivity of the FBG in the event of force (increased by a factor of 25 compared to standard fiber), while the sensitivity to temperature changes is identical